DESIGNER: Étienne Bertrand 

Étienne Bertrand is a top class Mini designer with over 20 years experience in design and construction of Mini boats. Étienne is a Mini sailor too. He's racing since 1989 and have sailed onboard Mini more than 20 000 nautical miles, including Mini Transat and many open ocean races. With professional knowledge of carbon technology and personal sailing experience, he creates top class and easy to sail Mini boats. His constructions are always far ahead of its times.

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BUILDER: Mariusz ¦wistelnicki

Mariusz ¦wistelnicki is an owner of one of the Polish yacht shipyards having great experienece in building high performance racing boats. Mariusz is also a great sailor, experienced in sea racing as well as in 470 Olympic class. His passion is to build HI-TECH custom boats and his shipyard is one of the best on the market.

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Radek Kowalczyk

Radek Kowalczyk is a Polish ocean sailor. His passion for over 10 years are Mini boats and ClassMini. In 2011 he finished Mini Transat, solo race from France to Brazil, known as the ultimate solo experience and the toughest transatlantic race in history. He raced over 10 000 miles onboard Mini. He's an expert in Class Mini issues and Hi-TECH racing solutions.

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(TEAM photo on early phase of first boat building)