We proudly present a new concept of Mini650: line of MINI PROTO boats.

Mini650 boats are born for high performance racing. Therefore we created most advanced sailing yacht with-in Class Mini PROTO Rules. We combined our passion for Mini racing, expert level of Mini design and over 20 years of experience in a concept of high performance racing boats. The result of this effort is full carbon, HI-TECH racing boat, best performance racing MINI650 in PROTO category.


Our boat is made of single, interchangable modules. The “blocks” like hull, mast, keel and blades are available in 2 versions: HI-TECH and Optimum. We designed it in order to help sailors to start race straight away, even if they don’t have full budget yet. 

For professional projects we offer HI-TECH, no compromise solutions, just the most recent and the best PROTO boat on the market. For sailors with limited budget we offer compromise solutions allowing to keep very good performance with significant price reduction. You can choose main modules according to the budget you have. You will have a possibility to upgrade anytime later by replacing any given module(s).

With modular concept of OCEAN650 we also offer an opportunity to change your old hull for the new, modern and powerful design. While keeping all blades, mast, keel and sails you already have, all you need is a reasonably low budget to race again with the best boat in the Mini fleet.



Option 1)     You get best performance Mini650 PROTO boat. Without looking for compromise in technology and price. With all the best possible solutions known and available up to date. Designed and certified by Mini designer and Mini sailor, Etienne Bertrand.

Option 2)     Optimum Mini650 PROTO with still excellent racing possibilities and price of some modules being reduced. An offer for beginners or sailors with lower budget today. But with the possibility to race straight away and to upgrade your boat anytime later.

Option 3)     Change of your existing hull for a new design, top tech solution. In order to bring you back for podium racing.



Our boat is very light and very strong, ready to resist rough ocean conditions. Boat is built according to PROTO category rules, so it is more advanced and much faster than Mini650 SERIES.

Construction: full carbon/epoxy/sandwich. Canting keel, two asymmetric daggerboards, two rudders, big genaker pole and 120 sqm of sails. Together with low weight it gives an almost flying racer.

Technology: Boat is built from mold, in vacuum technology, as a line of identical shape boats with the best possible racing performance. By building PROTO boat in mold we assure top quality and the lowest possible weight of the hull.  

Length: 6.50 m
Beam: 3.00 m
Air draught max: 12.00 m
Draught: 2.00 m
Bowsprit: 3.70 m
Weight (batteries and liferaft incl): 700 kg
Mainsail: 29 m2
Jib: 18 m2
Max spinnaker: 85 m2